• Acreage 0.5435 hectares
  • Grape variety Chardonnay
  • Age of vines 40 years
  • Soil Blends of two terroirs: ‘Les Forges’ (red ochre earth) and ‘Magnys’ (on gravel)
  • Density 10,000 vines per hectare
  • Harvest Hand-picked
  • Production 4,500 bottles
  • Laying down From 2 to 8 years depending on the vintage


  • Fermentation Starting out in stainless steel vats, the wines are then put into barrels for barrel fermentation
  • Maturation 12 months in barrels using 20% new barrels

Tasting notes

The robe is limpid and brilliant with a silver reflection. Depending on age, its colour will tend to green–gold or bronze. On the nose, aromas of flowers dominate (hawthorn, acacias, elderflower, fern, lime blossom, verbena) and are balanced by its natural minerality (flint) with a light citrus scent. With age, it will develop aromas of honeyed hazelnuts. On the palate, it proves to be a rich, opulent wine with a lot of character.

Food pairing

A wine for both surf and turf. Seafood pairs wonderfully: grilled shellfish, such as lobster, or a scallop fricassee. Alternatively, it is perfect with foie gras, veal haunch, or creamy poultry. It also accompanies blue cheeses very well.
Serve at 12 to 14°C